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Organic CBD oils

Here you will find the right BioBloom premium CBD oil for every challenge. Our Bio Austria-certified CBD oils with the valuable full spectrum of the hemp plant support your well-being in a variety of ways. 100% natural with absolutely no artificial additives.


Organic CBD sprays

Our organic CBD sprays with 5% CBD are your ideal CBD companions. In a practical spray bottle, they promote your balance, strengthen your focus and also ensure fresh breath. Anytime, anywhere.


Organic CBD Cosmetics

Our certified organic CBD natural cosmetics moisturize rejuvenate and nourish your skin 100% naturally. The carefully selected herbal ingredients also make our skin care products particularly suitable for sensitive skin and skin prone to irritation.


Hemp Superfoods

Our hemp foods are produced with the greatest care and are a valuable contribution to a healthy and balanced diet. They provide an optimal ratio of fiber, essential amino acids, minerals and high-quality unsaturated fatty acids.


Food Supplements

Our 100% plant-based food supplements support your body with important vitamins. The special composition ensures high bioavailability and effectiveness.


Organic Aromatherapy

Breathe in, and let go. Our certified organic aromatherapy fragrance blends with 99% natural terpenes stand out with their unique aromas and bring you more balance.


Pet Products

Our four-legged companions deserve only the best. BioBloom pet products were developed together with veterinarians and are perfectly adapted and tailored to the needs of our furry friends.



Our sets are the perfect opportunity to order our most popular products in a practical bundle and are of course ideal as a gift for your loved ones.

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Trust in BioBloom is trust in nature.

The hemp, CBD and natural products from our CBD shop bring you more relaxation, well-being and vitality.

All of our products are made from natural ingredients with a strong focus on regionality and sustainability. This is something that is particularly close to our hearts, from cultivation to production to packaging.

Gesund werden und gesund bleiben mit Hanf

Why buy CBD products in the BioBloom online shop?

CBD products are trending right now as more and more people are looking for ways to stay healthy and active naturally, while at the same time finding inner balance. This is where CBD helps. Via the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), high-quality CBD can contribute to more well-being, vitality, relaxation and better sleep.

There are numerous options for purchasing CBD oils and hemp products, but not all have the same high-quality standards of cultivation, preparation, production and ingredients.

At BioBloom, we are committed to the sustainable production of all our CBD, hemp and natural products. The Bio Austria certification of our CBD oils is proof of this continuing commitment. Our products are 100% natural, vegan and free of any additives.

In our CBD shop you will find a large selection of high-quality organic CBD products (CBD oils, CBD sprays, CBD cosmetics, organic hemp oil, hemp tea, hemp superfoods, aromatherapy and food supplements), and you can also enjoy secure online ordering and fast delivery (from the shopping cart to your home in just a few working days), always free of charge in Austria, and free of charge in Germany for orders over €20.00.

CBD is a Matter of Trust

CBD products can contribute to a relaxed and healthy life. By using or taking high-quality products, you can naturally promote your well-being, your vitality and your health. That is why you should only use organic quality products and a shop or supplier that you trust 100%. Only buy CBD products you have thoroughly researched and you are convinced of the quality.

A Few Words About BioBloom

We are a family business and directly produce our goods, from cultivation to the finished product. Each of our products can be traced transparently from the field to the shelf. We place particular importance on natural ingredients from the region, which is why we grow our raw material, the hemp plant, in the highest organic quality on our own fields in the fertile Seewinkel on Lake Neusiedl.

We are particularly proud of the fact that we are the only Austrian supplier whose hemp and CBD products are Bio Austria certified. Since beginning production in 2016, each year we have also received the AC Seal of Approval for our CBD full extracts with absolutely no artificial ingredients. The AC Seal of Approval is only awarded to particularly high-quality CBD oils by the independent patient association ARGE CANNA.

Information on Bio Austria Certification

The guidelines for organic cultivation in Austria are among the strictest in the world. In order to ensure compliance, producers and organic farmers are inspected at least once a year by a state-authorized organic inspection body. If they comply with all the specifications, they receive certification.

The certification gives the organic producers, as well as the consumers, the security that only products that have been cultivated and produced in accordance with the legal regulations reach the market.

Information on the Cultivation of the Raw Materials and the Production of Our CBD and Hemp Products

Information on the Cultivation of the Raw Materials and the Production of Our CBD and Hemp Products

Cultivation of the Hemp Plants

The raw material of our CBD and hemp products, the hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa), is produced and harvested on our regional hemp fields in compliance with all the requirements for organic cultivation.

The flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant are sorted and cleaned by hand to ensure a high-quality, high-purity starting product for further processing and the production of premium-quality CBD products.

Further Processing and Production

The same uncompromising approach to organic quality that goes into our cultivation, also goes into the processing of the raw material and the manufacturing of our CBD products. The processing of the CBD flowers and leaves meets the same high-quality standards and is constantly inspected both internally and externally. This is the only way we can ultimately guarantee that the highest-quality products are available for you to purchase in our online shop.

All the products in our CBD shop are produced according to these same high-quality standards.

More Than Just a CBD Online Store

BioBloom is more than just a shop where you can order your premium CBD oils and other hemp and natural products. Rather, we see ourselves as a partner to our customers when it comes to physical and mental well-being.

On our Facebook and Instagram pages we inform our community (over 8,900 subscribers together) about the offers in our shop, answer questions about the effects and use of our products and introduce our team.

We are also happy to be there for you beyond social media. If you need information or advice about our products, feel free to call us Monday to Friday during our business hours or send us an email.

Free telephone advice about our products.

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