Organic Hemp Seed Oil with Milk Thistle and Linseed Oil – agility mix


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a healthy coat, skin and liver

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Three Valuable Organic Oils for More Agility and Vitality

agility mix contains hemp seed oil from peeled, gently pressed hemp seeds as well as milk thistle and linseed oil. This mix of three valuable oils in organic quality is the ideal food supplement for your dog. It supports agility and vitality and gives your dog’s coat a beautiful sheen.

Hemp oil is one of the most valuable oils of all and dogs can metabolize it very well thanks to its good ratio of unsaturated fatty acids. Milk thistle oil is rich in protein, vitamin E and antioxidants. Like hemp oil, linseed oil contains an optimal ratio of high-quality alpha-linolenic acid and unsaturated fatty acids.

agility mix can also be used for paw care (Caution: wipe any excess oil from your furry friend’s paws so they do not slip afterwards!) and is also ideal as an addition to the BARF diet.

Contents: 200 ml

Additional information

Feeding recommendation:

Add 1 pump per 5 kg body weight to your dog’s food 3-4 times a week (one pump corresponds to half a teaspoon). We do not recommend using daily as this could lead to your dog gaining weight.


Organic hemp seed oil 70%, organic milk thistle oil 20%, organic linseed oil 10%

(Omega-3 fatty acids 19.6%, Omega-9 fatty acids 15.1%, crude fat 99.20%, crude protein <0.30%, crude fiber <0.01%, crude ash <0.01%, salt < 0.01%, vitamin E ~ 60 mg/100 ml)


Close tightly and keep in a cool, dry and dark place.


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