Organic Aromatherapy with hemp terpenes –
scent & sleep 5ml


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99% terpenes
certified organic
quality from Austria
for better sleep


For a well-deserved and peaceful sleep

The earthy aroma of the high quality organic hemp terpenes from our fresh hemp paired with the aromas of stonepine and lavender, both of which are known for their calming effect, result in a resinous, slightly spicy fragrance experience.

scent & sleep for restful sleep and better nightly regeneration.

Our certified organic aromatherapy oils were developed according to ABG (Austria Bio Garantie) standards. They consist of 99% terpenes. Terpenes are natural hydrocarbon compounds which support each other and have their own health promoting properties. Moreover terpenes are responsible for a plant´s aroma. They interact with all other valuable ingredients of the hemp plant and the terpenes of other plants and therefore unfold their full health promoting potential and power.

Our natural and organic aromatherapy offers you an experience that invigorates and influences your holistic well-being like a walk in the woods, where the smells and aromas of the forest and nature move and enliven all of our senses.

Aromatherapy promotes health with the natural power of plants. It is a complementary care method that regards the person as a unity of body, mind and soul.

BioBloom aromatherapy consists of three different scents/oils which consist of 99% terpenes and are free of any additives.

Information: Only use BioBloom´s aromatherapy oils in a fragrance lamp with water or with a diffuser.

Contents: 5ml

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stone pine (57.1%) , lavender (28.6%) , hemp (14.3%)


Add a few drops of oil into the fragrance lamp with water or into a diffuser.

(Adjust the number of drops depending on your preference and needs).

After opening use within 2 years.

Good, restful sleep is essential for your general well-being. For even better sleep, we recommend supplementing deep sleep with our organic CBD oils 8% or 10%, our BioBloom Hemp Tea relax or our organic aromatherapy scent&sleep.

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scent & sleep 5ml”

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