Into the Wild –
Organic Body Lotion 150ml

44,90 inkl. USt

BIO AUSTRIA certified
Allergen-free fragrances
Palm oil-free and vegan



Into the Wild – Organic Body Lotion 150ml

The organic body lotion lends your skin and body an authentic feeling of liveliness, regeneration and balance – like a walk in untouched nature.
High-quality hemp oil and hemp tea extract, nourishing cocoa butter, protective marigold extract, soothing chamomile and other carefully selected natural skin care ingredients have a noticeably soothing and revitalizing effect.


Apply generously to the body in the morning and/or evening, gently massage in and allow to absorb into the skin.


Hemp flower tea, chamomile hydrate, aloe vera juice, hyaluronic acid, Dermosoft 1388, Sensocel, glycerine, ecogel, babassu oil, sunflower oil, Lexfeel N50, Lexgard GMCY, shea butter, jojoba oil, Dermofeel GSC, Sustoleo BA, Dermofeel Toco 70, marigold extract CO2



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Organic Body Lotion 150ml”

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