1 percent Organic CBD Hemp Drops
Natural One 10ml


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100% natural and direct from the producer

The organic CBD oil NaturalONE is the ideal product for CBD beginners and connoisseurs alike who always want to have their CBD on hand. The 100% natural hemp full extract from CO2 extraction contains 1% CBD/CBDa in a very good 1:1 ratio. NaturalONE also contains all the valuable cannabinoids such as CBDV, CBN, CBG, CBC, terpenes, flavonoids, unsaturated fatty acids as well as numerous vitamins, minerals and phenols.

Hemp oil is one of the most valuable oils due to its natural composition and the high proportion of BioBloom hemp seed oil lends NaturalONE a pleasant flavor.
NaturalONE is also an excellent alternative to unhealthy habits such as smoking, sweets, or alcohol and can be a good substitute to help you quit.

The harmonious interaction allows all the ingredients to develop their full power.


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Hemp seed oil: ~ 66%
Hemp extract: ~ 34%
CBD/CBDA: 100mg
THC:  0,11%
CBC: 0,03%
CBDV: 0,02%
CBDVa: 0,02%
All other cannabinoids
Further ingredients: terpenes, minerals, flavonoids.


The BioBloom CBD hemp extracts from the Natural series are 100% natural products from CO2 extraction without any aromatic substances. The organic full extracts contain absolutely no artificial additives and the original 100% natural product is not changed in any way.
The consistency is therefore thicker and the taste is very intense (very nutty and grassy, slightly spicy).


Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight. DO NOT store in the refrigerator! Keep out of reach of children and minors. Shake well before use.

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Natural One 10ml”

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