Cultivation & Processing

From cultivation to the finished product from a single source.


Certified organic fields with crop rows (Bio Austria, Bio Swiss und Bio Hungaria certified)
Sustainable cultivation


Leaf analysis for determination of best harvest time
Gentle air drying


Processing of the pure hemp flowers by hand
Careful handling of the plant


In a certified laboratory
Strict quality standards

Note: “CO2 extraction is a particularly gentle method for extracting plant material. Through this process, all the valuable and healthy substances of the hemp plant are preserved for the final product.”


Mixture of the extract with organic hemp seed oil according to the specifications of the customer
Filling of the individual product in the specified container size


Regular sampling analysis
Absolute quality assurance

In all of our production stages, from planting to the filling of the individual product, we place great importance on working under the strictest production criteria in order to fully guarantee 100% quality for our customers.